jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

Estaba claro que la crisis existencial llegaría (de nuevo)

La charla te la ha dado Rita a las 13:08
Le llamaré Turbo (le conocí en la academia... bueno, realmente es (era) mi profesor de inglés) y aunque escribo esto en parte por él mi crisis existencial es en general.

You know is very frustrating trying to explain yourself in a foreign language. Sometimes I feel like I use superfluous words when I really want to say something important.

I am sad today, it doesn´t happen to me before since I know I am going back to my place. I have strange sensations in my stomach, maybe is a kind of anxiety (whatever…).

I am happy to see my friends again, and my family of course… so happy, but, at the same time I think I go there because I have to, because I have been educated for this, for having a proper job in the field I have studied for… That´s why I like you, I like your irregular life (in the good sense of the word), where you can choose where and when do you want to live, work, … (I know that I could do the same, but it is something wrong in my mind that takes me to what should be a correct life). It´s more a feeling, something I couldn´t explain even in my own language, but I know exactly what it is when I hear you speaking about your life and about your future plans.

I am so jealous of everything around you, the way you express yourself and the things that are important to you (probably with a stupid appearance at the beginning). Maybe this looks perfect to me because everything in English sounds better.

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Cars dijo...

Mmmmmmmmm... creo que tienes razón en dos cosas: que todo en inglés suena mejor (joder, hasta esta misma frase!!) y en que la crisis existencial llegaría... Pero eso ya lo discutiremos en Madrid ;) Un besazo pequeña!

Justine dijo...

Joe sarel, qué bajón, no vuelvas porque "tienes que hacerlo"!!!

Rita on viernes, 11 de junio de 2010, 16:23:00 CEST dijo...

You know what I mean darling...!

Pero vamos, hoy estoy con mil ganas de volver! Así que esto serán rachillas (que duran un día), jajajaja!

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